Due to my recent back injury, I am unable to work for the time being. The GOOD NEWS is that my colleagues at the HUMAN PERFORMANCE CLINIC
are happy to help you.

You can contact them on 0141 337 3327 to find out prices and information or you can:-

Smoking Cessation

(one session)
Please phone the Human Performance Clinic on 0141 337 3327 for price.

Smoking Cessation for "stop smoking now" is unique to your own personal circumstances. The session includes a full assessment of your smoking habit, your lifestyle and your commitment to immediately stop smoking. You are required to complete this assessment before your treatment and this can be done at the beginning of your session if this suits. This is followed by the hypnotherapy session tailored to your own unique circumstances which includes post hypnotic suggestions specific to you.

After the session you are taught a "self hypnosis" technique to help you reinforce the work we have done.

"If there are any difficulties in the first week you can have a free follow up treatment- this is my commitment to how confident I am that the system works,"

Free 30 minute Consultation

I believe it is important that a client is entirely comfortable and confident when they begin a therapy session. That is why I offer a free 30 minute, no obligation consultation by phone or video call so that you can be completely happy before your session.