Fears and Phobias

Conquer your Fears and Phobias with Hypnosis and NLP

A highly effective treatment for people with phobias

What is a phobia?

A phobia is an irrational fear of a particular stimulus. This stimulus can be a situation, a thing, or an activity. Phobias are learned,you are not born with a phobia, you learn it from a bad experience or you learn it from someone, People with phobias will either go to great lengths to avoid whatever it is they fear, or they will tolerate it with considerable anxiety. For some people, a phobia can trigger panic attacks. In severe cases the phobia can end up literally controlling a person's life. Public speaking is rather surprisingly the number one phobia.

Fears and Phobias

The Approach


Hypnosis has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for people suffering with a phobia. A significant percentage of the population suffers from a phobia of one type or another. For some individuals it can be mildly distressing but manageable. For others it can be seriously debilitating. Hypnotherapy sessions can help to overcome the phobia.


NLP is famous for its "fast phobia cure", The "visual-kinesthetic dissociation protocol" is an intervention that has helped thousands of persons suffering from P.T.S.D. and phobic conditions with immediate,lasting results.
James combines both Hypnosis and NLP to provide the most advanced means to successfully treat phobias, fears and P.T.S.D. (post traumatic stress disorder)

Advanced phobia treatment with Mind Coach For Life

A unique combination of hypnosis, NLP and latest cognitive behavioural techniques

  • Transform negative thoughts and your experience of the world around you
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