*Results May Vary

*I had tried every diet under the sun over the years. Sometimes I would lose a couple of stones but I always ended up giving up and piling the weight back on again."My willpower just wasn't up to the task..."After a few sessions, I started looking at food in a different way. It didn't feel like I was dieting, it felt like a whole new healthy way of living."I've lost three stones now and I want to lose a couple more. The difference now is that I know I can do it.

Jenny P

*My I. B. S. is so much better now that you taught me how to switch off any panic,I know now I can now complete my studies.

Sandra T

*Have smoked around 30 cigarettes a day and stopped in one session!my pals could not believe it at first but now they are going to come as well.


*I am now in my 7th week with my Hypno- Band - have lost over a stone and have never felt hungry

Jim S

*Just back from my daughters wedding in New Zealand -the time on the plane just FLEW IN!

Helen (fear of flying)

*I am now back at work and coping so much better

Jay. P.

*I had been a smoker since I was 16 and I only went along to see James a year ago to stop my wife
getting on at me about it!"After one session I found I no longer craved cigarettes and I haven't touched one since."I've saved a fortune over the past 12 months and I feel healthier than I have in years

Paul K

*Just a quick update, now lost nearly 30 pounds with only 10 more to go!

Janice (Weight management)

*I was so scared of spiders that my two kids started getting scared as well.I am now able to walk around my garden and I don't jump out my skin when i see one in the bath!" "I cannot thank you enough

Leslie S

*Last night i had the best sleep in years.

Freddie J (insomnia)

*My Husband and I both stopped smoking in only one session,that was over 5 years ago ,we have saved a fortune and got our health back,thank you so much

Isobel B

*I have been overeating for as long as I can remember and never felt full,but with the Hypno-Band I can only eat a small healthy amount and feel full.Its great

Liz K