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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Mind Coach for Life uses advanced hypnotherapy and NLP to stop smoking in Paisley, This technique can dramatically reduce the cravings, anxiety, irritability and even help you to avoid any unwanted weight-gain that usually makes it so hard to stop smoking and to stay stopped.

At his Stop Smoking Paisley clinic, James uses advanced hypnotherapy and NLP techniques so that you can quit smoking NOW!

James uses a powerful combination of Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT), to help you change the way you think about smoking.,giving you the power to quit all forms of tobacco: including cigarettes, cigars and roll-ups, giving you complete FREEDOM from ALL nicotine products; including E-cigs, patches, gums and sprays.

Stop Smoking

What is the "Stop Smoking Now" technique and why is it so successful?

If you really want to stop smoking, James can dramatically increase your chances of achieving success.

Developed by James over the last 20 years, this unique hybrid of hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT provides the most up to date, highly effective, powerful, and refined way to help you to stop smoking. Quite simply, it provides both the structure and the method to bring about the quickest, most effective therapy for you. Using Advanced Cognitive Hypnosis with NLP as its foundation, it enables James to get to the heart of your smoking problem quickly.

To some, the technique seems 'miraculous', particularly for clients who have spent years trying to stop.

As James states:-
"I believe I can stop you smoking and I give you my assurance that if you have any difficulties in the first week I will give you a free follow up treatment. This is how confident I am that this process works".

What are the benefits of stopping smoking?

There are two main ways in which you will benefit by becoming a happy, healthy, relaxed, confident non-smoker and these are quite simply as follows:

You will save your health.
You will save money.

The health benefits you will notice within a few weeks of giving up are:

your hair, skin and breath no longer smell of tobacco smoke
your breathing is easier
your sense of taste and smell improve
you'll see a reduction in phlegm and smoker's cough
your lung efficiency starts to recover to a rate similar to a non-smoker
you will be better able to cope with physical exertion
you'll feel positive about yourself for having stopped

And of course, you will have saved money through not buying cigarettes
If you smoke around 20 Cigarettes a day you will save around £3000.00 per year by becoming a non-smoker. You will probably save around 30% on your life insurance costs as well.

There is firm evidence that the "Stop Smoking Now" technique is the most successful way to stop smoking

"Hypnosis(hypnotherapy) is the most effective way of giving up smoking", according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.Willpower it turns out, counts for very little." - New Scientist vol 136 issue 1845 page 6

What about nicotine gum or nicotine patches?

"Nicotine gum or patches had only just over a 10% success rate, our results have shown us that Hypnosis is the most effective way to become a non-smoker!" - New Scientist vol 136 issue 1845 page 6

The "Stop Smoking Now" technique to stop smoking

- explores your personal reasons behind your habit.

- teaches you useful self hypnosis techniques to help you give up.

I will then guide you into a pleasant and relaxed hypnotic state during which you will remain in control and will be fully aware of everything that is happening. Using advanced hypnotherapy and powerful NLP techniques we begin the process of breaking that habit.

Finally at the end of the treatment you become a NON-SMOKER

How good would you feel if you were a non smoker?

How happy would you be if you became a non smoker?

Do you want to use the most effective way to give up?

Advantages of quitting smoking with Mind Coach for Life

Unique combination of Advanced Hypnosis and NLP techniques

Transform the smoker mind into the healthy mind of a 'non-smoker'

Learn powerful stress management techniques

Learn the "eliminate cravings" technique!

Learn how to avoid unwanted weight gain!


*"My Husband and I both stopped smoking in just one session over a year ago and feel great.we both smoked for over 30 years and we stopped with no cravings,thank you so much."

*"I tried using a hypnotist to stop smoking a few years back but it didn't work.A friend recommended James, and I found his method so different, and I stopped smoking with no problems at all."

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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

James has been helping clients to stop smoking for over 20 years. Using the most advanced, up to date NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques, he can help you kick the habit.Book an appointment with James to Stop Smoking ,Today!

*Results vary from person to person.